Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Post #3 Peer Editing

When it comes to peer editing the main purpose is to fix and adjust someone's written work to be at its potential. There are right and wrong ways of successful peer editing. According to Peer Edit with Perfection Tutorial as the editor, I should complete the task by complimenting,suggesting, and correcting. As a peer editor, I would not necessarily comment on their blog pointing out every single flaw, instead I would complement/suggest different ways to improve what they have so far. I would generalize that perhaps the blogger should re-read what they have written for grammatical errors in my comment. Also, if they need me to re-read it for corrections I would be glad to do so. If there are more than several cosmetic flaws such as grammar, spelling, and typos I would most likely let them know through a private message or even tell them in class that a blog entry had typo mistakes.

There are several tips to properly peer edit. What is Peer Editing explained the cardinal rule for peer editing staying positive.Put yourselves in their shoes and think about the ways your peer editor helps you and mimic it for them in return. Avoid broad criticism, if you criticize too vaguely then the other person does not understand the direct message of what you are trying to infer. Therefor, they won't be able to change anything and they will have a confused outlook on your comment. A nice way to correct is through suggestions. If there is a giant issue with their work or it needs a little tweaking then offer an idea to fix it. As in the short video Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes no ones needs a "mean Margaret" or a "picky Paula", positive criticism goes a lot farther than negative criticism.

Peer editing tips


  1. I really agree with you about the staying positive part of peer editing. A peer editor always needs to remeber to not be too negative with another person's work. On an unrelated note I realy like the layout of your blog!