Thursday, February 27, 2014

C4KSummary for February

After reading Matthews Blog Post about PED's it got me thinking about the Hall of Fame and the use of performance enhancing drugs. Should the athletes that used PED's be accepted into the Hall of Fame? Absolutely not! It is cheating and in no way fair. If one player exudes natural talent and performs the same amount of winning touchdowns, goals, and points as a player that uses PED's as opposed to a non-user, he/she should not be invited into the Hall of Fame.

In Mrs. Caddy's class she asked her students to blog about what would they would do if someone gave them a million dollars. Alyssa stated that she would spend it on 400 front row tickets to an OneDirection Concert. She would also buy a signed poster of Harry Styles, which is one of the singers of boy band. Alyssa said she would then donate the rest of the money left over to charity. I thought her post was adorable and of course I agree with her!

Mrs. Bayer asked Abigail what her plans were for Valentines day. Being in fifth grade doesn't entail to much so she stated that she plans on going to the mall with her friends. I commented that we shared similar activities that and that I love going shopping with my friends.

I read @thathappykid135's blog which was about their opinion on if they like the beach, which he did not. He said it was too crowded and he and his family stayed too long in the sun and so he got sun poisoning by the end of the day. Opinions of the beach vary from person to person. Some can't get enough(like me), while other people want to stay away. Usually those that don't like the beach are fearful of what's lurking in the water, or just hate sand. Sometimes one bad beach experience can be the end of it!

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