Thursday, February 6, 2014

C4T # 1

As assigned, I was to read #WilliamChamberlain. William Chamberlain posted tips for note taking in a classroom setting. In How to Take Great Notes the narrator explains students need to spend majority of class time listening and absorbing information. Once the information is somewhat absorbed, start the note taking steps. Which are in question, answer, evidence order. Notetakers should take note(pun intended)that the main the purpose of taking lecture notes is not to write every single thing the teacher says. You spend all of your time and effort trying to cram all of the information and little to nothing is being absorbed. Then you go back and look at your notes and handwriting is sloppy, there isn't clear transition within notes, and there is too much writing on a page that its becomes a struggle to learn it!

After reading Mr. Chamberlain's most recent post I realized he is a great samaritan. He has provided a way for his students to become involved in a loaning program where they can choose a group or person that they feel is deserving of a it. The program is called Kiva. Mr. Chamberlain refers to the students group as TigerCorp. The class voted on three recipients. They chose a group from Peru, a man from Uganda, as well as a man from Armenia. The micro loans will set up a market stall, a poultry house and will go towards purchasing more pigs and cows. That's pretty amazing if you ask me.


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