Sunday, January 26, 2014

What WIll Teaching in the 21st Century be Like?

Professor Dancealot

In the video Professor Dancealot was to show the realization of how teaching can be a skewed at times. It took a simple idea of a dance class and turned it into a lecture type of environment. Dancing is something that takes practice, and repetition and can not be taught on a slideshow. By the end of semester, the students were clueless on how to do everything because they weren't "taught" how a dance class is normally taught. I agree that the ending results of a poorly taught class end in a result of poor grades by the students. There are several methods of teaching. Some things are better explained via power point, where as, some things are 100% necessary to be taught through physical explantations and not just visual.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Kevin Roberts puts into perspective how Teaching In the 21st Century is vastly different that what is was just 10 or 20 years ago. Technology has essentially taken over all aspects of life in the running world so it only makes sense that technology based learning is the way to handle some teaching aspects in a classroom setting. Roberts pointed out how even literally everyday questions can be answered on the internet. Such as "whats the best route home?" or "where should I get my car fixed?" or even "how should I vote for president?" Society now has information of all sorts at our fingertips. He states the the role of the teacher is evolving into something it wasn't seen as before. Roberts stated that they teachers are now just "filters" of information. Students can google anything (the answers are instant) and then the teachers can go more into depth on the subject matter. I agree on the fact that technology has become more second nature for the upcoming generations. However, the concepts of no pencils, papers, or books in a classroom for educating baffles me. Children know how to work an iPad better than a jig-saw puzzle! It will be intresting to see how the future tech-savy children will grow up into adulthood.

The Networked Student

After watching the video on The Networked Student I thought it was an intresting take on the "normal" learning environment. I even thought to myself if 21st Century School was a real school. The idea of it is that the student basically home-schools themselves. Through 2 online courses and one class meeting. They network their way through an online collaborative page. And share ideas and opinions on different material with other students who have tuned into to the online collaborative page. However, this student DOES have a teacher but her main purpose as his teacher is more along the lines of guideing him through networking,helping with difficult concepts, and filtering through the valid facts and figures he looks up on the web. I felt that a key part to the video at the very end where the narrator states that in the teacher's heart she hopes that her students will go on to make a difference in the world using the tools she taught him. He is right about that. I feel that (for the most part) teachers spend all of their time investing into their students lives just hoping that they will leave the classroom at the end of each day with a new thing they learned. No matter what type of teacher they are, they all want the same results.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Vicky Davis is a public school computer teacher in rural Georgia.In Harness Your Students Digital Smarts it explains that her main thread of teaching ideals is individual learning. She asks her class to take it upon themselves to look up and research the questions they have. If they aren't sure of a definition of a word she said or a computer based question then the students will have to look it up themselves. She wants students to become independent learners and not necessarily rely on a teacher to spoon feed them answers. I think it is a great idea for older middle school to high school aged students. I feel that lower elementary students need a little bit more guidance on some aspects of the classroom. However, I think it is one of a teachers roles to implement technology into the younger age students so they will be prepared for the the higher computer learning classrooms.

Flipping the classroom

I think the idea of Flipping The Classroom is brilliant. I have heard of virtual classrooms before where students can watch videos of their teachers teaching lessons, but only for students that are very sick and have to take off from school. This video was the first time where I have seen it possible for all students. I honestly wish that this was used during my years in middle/high school. Especially with mathematics! Being able to watch a video of a math lesson, rewind parts, and being able to fast forward through other parts for each student would be very beneficial. Students can then work at their own pace and then ask all remaining questions necessary the following day is a win-win situation for both the student, the teacher, and the remaining classmates. The one draw back to this is if a student missed the lesson for that night then it could pose a problem. Despite that, this cuts down on classroom time for the teacher to go more into depth after the basic lesson was taught the night before. It serves as a template for making homework easier and more manageable for the student to complete it at home. A student watches the video and then the lesson is fresh in their brains to complete the homework assignment.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What about EDM310??

"Go into this class thinking it is the hardest thing you will ever have to do, and then it won't be all that bad. You will come out of this class so proud of all your hard work and dedication.Just remember that it will become slightly more enjoyable as the weeks go by"-Amazing advice given to me when I told a buddy I was enrolled in EDM310.

I was warned by several people WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. NINE HOURS A WEEK. No joke. I really feared this class going into it and as I sit and type this, I think I am fearing the unknown. Even the syllabus is intimidating to read. I am not sure what types of projects are up a head but deep down inside I am honestly to fearful to even read on further than the first page!

In high school I took one computer class. I would say it was more of a "typewriting" class than anything else. I became a beast at typing on the keyboard. I went from staring down at the keyboard with each finger slowing pressing the keys to memorizing everything with my eyes closed. After graduating high school, I left that campus feeling pretty confident about my skills with computers. It wasn't until I was enrolled in CIS 150 where my confidence went from a 10 to a -10. That class just about killed me. I became so frustrated with how the grading process went, the online courses crashed my computer several times. Me and that class ended on bitter terms after receiving my first failed grade in the history of my 13 years as a student. Devastating. I heard from others how well they did and that they passed with flying colors. It remains a mystery today why I couldn't get a grip and pull it all together. Once when I heard EDM310 was ALL online/computer-generated, the feelings of computers crashing and poor time management (on my behalf) set in pretty quickly. Since taking the CIS 150 class a year and a half ago, my time management skills have change for the better. This semester is the busiest time of year for me so having EDM 310 along side me will propose a challenge but it needs to be done regardless. So challenge accepted!

I guess the biggest question of all is simply "how can it all be done?!" With a reminder from previous students, the answer is simple. IT CAN BE DONE. People take this class and pass it all of the time. I guarantee I am not the only one in this situation of "fear of the unknown." I have new classmates to meet that will be in my group and we can all help each other!

From what I have gathered after the first week of this class, is that it all boils down to independence. It is 100% my responsibility to get all things done, turned in one time, and with a smiling face at the end of my day. I can see now that it will be a project based course, not quiz/test based. It will take some getting used to. At the end of it, EDM310 will be very beneficial for my jobs in the future.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Practice Post

My name is Barrett Baker. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I chose the University of South Alabama for three reasons. Number one being, I would be able to live in my parents guest house for FREE! Number 2, majority of my friends also decided to come to this beautiful University. Lastly, my job. Which is one of my favorite things about living in Mobile. I am a full-time babysitter/nanny for a network of Mobile families. After high school I was too attached to them to move away!

My dad works in the medical field with patients who have pacemakers/defibrillators. He checks the devices to make sure they are working properly for each patient.My sister is recently married and she and my new brother-in-law also live in Mobile. Which is fantastic! My mom works at a Preschool in our church which I am a substitute teacher there as well. Im around children a lot and it is my passion to teach them what ever I can and in turn I have learned a lot from the kiddos.

Entering this field of Elementary Education was an easy decision for me. I am around children all day everyday. I understand how they operate, how to calm their fears, and make them laugh. I have had amazing teachers growing up in this city and realize that even just one teacher can make an impact on a child's life. Looking back I was my happiest in a school setting. Surrounded by my peers and the teachers that I loved and trusted. The routine of what to expect everyday was comforting and being praised for my accomplishments and guided by teachers through my failures. Being a teacher would mean I could recreate an environment for others that I enjoyed so much through my experience.

In my spare time when Im not driving around town with kids in tow, or attending my school, I enjoy traveling, surfing, and decorating my little guest house. My friends and I went to a Costa Rican surf came a few summers ago and FELL IN LOVE with it. We have surf boards and go down to my families beach house and surf when we have time! Traveling with your besties there is never a dull moment and we try to take road trips several times a year to wherever we feel like we should visit. My mom and her best friend love interior decorating. They travel all over to find the best deals/treasures/antiques to fill up their houses. I would say I caught the decorating bug too. And I love designing my new little home. I think what I do best is managing my time with all the things that I have going on. My patience is always tested and I try to work on having more patience!


Posting again as test 2

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Test Post Title

This is my first blog post. I clicked the HTML button which I should always do in EDM310. I am now a blogger!