Thursday, January 16, 2014

Practice Post

My name is Barrett Baker. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I chose the University of South Alabama for three reasons. Number one being, I would be able to live in my parents guest house for FREE! Number 2, majority of my friends also decided to come to this beautiful University. Lastly, my job. Which is one of my favorite things about living in Mobile. I am a full-time babysitter/nanny for a network of Mobile families. After high school I was too attached to them to move away!

My dad works in the medical field with patients who have pacemakers/defibrillators. He checks the devices to make sure they are working properly for each patient.My sister is recently married and she and my new brother-in-law also live in Mobile. Which is fantastic! My mom works at a Preschool in our church which I am a substitute teacher there as well. Im around children a lot and it is my passion to teach them what ever I can and in turn I have learned a lot from the kiddos.

Entering this field of Elementary Education was an easy decision for me. I am around children all day everyday. I understand how they operate, how to calm their fears, and make them laugh. I have had amazing teachers growing up in this city and realize that even just one teacher can make an impact on a child's life. Looking back I was my happiest in a school setting. Surrounded by my peers and the teachers that I loved and trusted. The routine of what to expect everyday was comforting and being praised for my accomplishments and guided by teachers through my failures. Being a teacher would mean I could recreate an environment for others that I enjoyed so much through my experience.

In my spare time when Im not driving around town with kids in tow, or attending my school, I enjoy traveling, surfing, and decorating my little guest house. My friends and I went to a Costa Rican surf came a few summers ago and FELL IN LOVE with it. We have surf boards and go down to my families beach house and surf when we have time! Traveling with your besties there is never a dull moment and we try to take road trips several times a year to wherever we feel like we should visit. My mom and her best friend love interior decorating. They travel all over to find the best deals/treasures/antiques to fill up their houses. I would say I caught the decorating bug too. And I love designing my new little home. I think what I do best is managing my time with all the things that I have going on. My patience is always tested and I try to work on having more patience!

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