Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blog #6 Personal Learning Network

Having Personal Learning Networks creates a system for yourself in which global interactions take place via technology. It allows educators to make connections with other educators. PLN's help establish communication networks where ideas, research, teaching methods, and learning tools can all come together in an organized way. It is very beneficial to have a go to place to gather your items in one location. In order to form you own PLN you must establish a platform of connections with other educators. They can help guide you in the direction of what needs to be done. All educators have been in the teaching world many years before the new incoming teachers, therefor, they have several tricks up their sleeves and can share their secrets. Establishing a PLN takes some time to get started and is a never ending process. You can NEVER stop learning,which in theory means, you can never stop making connections with others. There are people all over the world that have their platforms set up and growing and are there to help whomever they can.

As a learning educator, I am just now getting my feet on the floor and ready to step inside the learning door. I haven't technically started on establishing my PLN, but I am learning through this class how to do it. Thanks to @drjohnhadley and Anthony Capps, I can add them to my list of PLN people. Also, the two teachers that I am observing for my EPY315 class are amazing at what they do and will I definitely use them as my PLN teammates. Twitter has become a new tool for me. Before this class I didn't use my twitter account! Also, Pinterest will become a lifesaver in my near future as an educator. I can set up my own classroom board and gather ideas, share ideas, and create my own to add to the education boards. I love the idea of using Symbaloo, it is an organized dashboard for your personal computer and can be created with links and buttons in the order in which you want to see your links categorized. Rather than having several "tabs" across your computer search engine box, everything you could possibly need is on one virtual page. It resembles the way an iPhone is set up. Where you can gather several buttons and place them in the sections you desire. Personal learning network's create a positive community of teachers that want to help each other become better educators.

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  1. " PLN's help establish communication networks where ideas, research, teaching methods, and learning tools can all come together in an organized way." Great way to sum up what a PLN is and how it can help you.

    Overall, great job on your blog post.

  2. You need to get started on creating your PLN now in order to see the progress you make throughout the semester; as well as, receive the full benefit.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post! You seem to have a good grasp on what a PLN is. I hope you plan on taking advantage of it! I like how you used specific examples of things that will help you in the future.