Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog #10 TED Talks with Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson spoke at this Ted Talk convention. He discussed is opinions on the world of education. His main thread of discussion is changing the education world through a revolution rather than a evolution. Robinson feels that it is strange that the way our education system is headed is prodomiditlmely going in the wrong direction. He compared it to fast food. All foods have been prepared at a conventional conformed way. He fears that education has joined the conformity and students are all learning the same way which isn't always beneficial, much like fast food isn't always beneficial. He states that life shouldn't be linear it should be organic. Our education system should parallel life and be organic! He stated that a college education is not for everyone. Some people benefit from a college education and some don't benefit from one. He is a big believer in choosing something that feeds your spirit and not diminish it. He used an example of a farmer to explain his theory, A farmer doesn't know what the weather will do in the long run and he can't predict the success rate of his crops. The farmer must customize the land for variations of weather in order for crop success. In comparison to thriving minds, Robinson feels that we need to have our education custom for each individual in order for us have success rather than frustrations. Sir Ken Robinsion knows it will take time and there will be trials and issues along the way for creating this education revolution but he planted a seed for whomever listened to his talk, including me!

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  1. "He discussed is opinions"--his
    "rather than a evolution"--an
    "prodomiditlmely going in"--predominantly
    "conformity and students are all learning the same way which isn't always "beneficial"--comma after "conformity", comma after "way"
    "life shouldnt be linear it should be organic"--shouldn't, period after "linear" and capitalize "It"
    "theory, A farmer"--period instead of a comma
    "time and there will"--comma after "time"
    "revolution but he"--comma after "revolution"

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