Sunday, March 16, 2014

C4T #2

I was assigned to read William Richardson's blog. This blog was so helpful and I will definitly add Mr. Richardson to my PLN. His blog was unique because he has gathered articles from writers, bloggers, and journalists all over and shared with his readers their opinions on different subject matters through the articles they have written. This blog is a great way to keep up with current events. I read several other posts of his that weren't assigned to me but they caught my attention. However, the first one I commented on was from a blogger named John Robb, discussing the use of technology and its rapidly growing success. Yet, he exposed the negative side effects of the technology boost decreasing jobs of many people all over the world! Basically, "robots" have become the method of getting things done. People are loosing their jobs because companies are "keeping up with the times" and no longer need human beings to get tasks done. Robots/Machines are considered faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Unemployment rates are increasing as technology takes over. This article William shared brought to my attention alarming facts of the further.

robot maid

Secondly, I read Mr. Richardson's article he shared from Jennifer Finney Boylan discussing the new changes in the SAT. Apparently, the SAT has been altered to show more "accurate results of the students school grades" reflecting through their SAT scores. Boylan, Richardson, and myself included all agree that the SAT is unnecessary and is a "national scandal". It gets students worried for a test that in no way shape or form can accurately explain your successes as a student. I added in commented about the struggles I experienced with standardized test results.
 SAT aint no body got time for that

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