Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blog #9

Kathy Cassidy
Mrs. Cassidy is a "year one" teacher in Canada and is using technology all throughout her classroom structure. Her students have their own blogs that they use daily. This also serves as a showcase for students to see improvement in their writing skills. These blogs enable them to gain skills with the use of audio and video making on a computer. The students in her class love using their computers and electronic gadgets in school. Most students their age in other classrooms are told to "power down" their electronics at the beginning of class and take out their books and school supplies. Where as Mrs. Cassidy's students get to keep their gadgets turned on. A few questions that she addressed in her interview with Dr. Strange and his class was on the topic of if there was encouragement from other staff members in her school, if parents allowed it, and what she felt were the main benefits.

Mrs. Cassidy explained that most her the staff supported her in the use of having a technology based classroom but, not many of the teachers have hopped on the band wagon and converted to all technology. She also stated that over the years some Principals have been more supportive than others but most of them see the benefits her classroom receives and therefor continue to allow her methods. When it comes to privacy of her students, she sends home a form asking the parents permission for their children to access the internet. Mrs. Cassidy informs them that she will post students work, pictures, and first name. The parents of her students have enjoyed their child's blog because it keeps them updated as to what is going on in the classroom and it shows their child's improvement in writing skills.

I think I will love to have a blog in my classroom where the students can access the links I have posted to learning games and actives. It is working for her class and I will have to see if it works for mine. Mrs. Cassidy mentioned her love for twitter as a PLN because it keeps her connected to other people in the education world. It will be interesting to see how my PLN has evolved in just a few years after I graduate and become a teacher. Her interview can be found Here!


  1. Barrett, great post about Mrs. Cassidy use of blogs in her classroom. For the most part, having a classroom blog is very engaging for students. Most important, parents can access the blogs and keep updated on their child's performance in the class. The other point that Mrs. Cassidy made was that all of her students have their own blogs and use them daily. Having students actively use them throughout the school year is essential to having a successful classroom blog. All in all, great post!

  2. Barrett, I enjoyed reading your post. I love what Mrs. Cassidy has done in her classroom and is continuing to do. It's very sad that most teachers at her school haven't hope on the technology wagon yet, and they don't know what their missing. I hope to one day do blogs in my class as well, and one thing I really want to do, is buddy skyping. I believe that would be something my students would absolutely love!