Friday, April 4, 2014

C4T #3

I read What Changes! by Denise Krebs. She moved from the corn fields of midwest USA to the Bahrain, a small island nation in the Middle East. Talk about a change! She teaches two kindergarden classes there and has 50 students. Mrs. Krebs explained the differences in teaching methods she has had to adapt to. She now uses sitting and behavior charts. I commented how she is an inspiration to teachers out there that want to teach all over the world, like myself. I think being an educator outside of the world you are accused to is exciting and eye-opening. Talk about a learning experience. It is a great example of how teachers aren't just teachers, they are learners also.

I was assigned to read and comment on Mrs. Krebs's blog again. This time she answered a few interview questions written to her by some of her blogging friends. She mentioned how life is different in Bahrain. So much so, that the days of the weekend are different. Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend in Bahrain! She answered the question "why do you blog" and she simply stated because she was a writer! She felt that it is another outlet in which she can write what she would in a journal but this time she can share it with the world. Blogging has allowed her to connect to other educators and it has built up her PLN I'm sure.

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  1. Barrett,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there too! I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing this post about my blog. I'm still using the seating chart and behavior chart :(, but I'm not going to use behavior charts and rewards next year. :)

    I know it's more work, but I don't want children anywhere to have to work for rewards instead of the joy of learning. I'm sure I'll write about how it's going!

    Take care! And check out teaching in Bahrain when you finish your degree!