Friday, April 4, 2014

C4K March

I commented on Faauiga's Ambury Farm Post, she was a Year 2 student from the Pt. England school when she made this post a few years ago. She drew a picture of her with a chicken from the farm. In a video she discussed how she would get the eggs that the chickens laid. I commented how I have many friends and neighbors with chickens and how they love to go out each morning to see how many eggs the chickens laid.

I had to pleasure of reading Phaezon's Blog he talked about his lessons in swimming adventures. He gets to go to the swimming pool for a class and the class is divided up into groups. He mentioned that he wants to improve on his rocket arms and his swim instructor will help him on that. I mentioned in my comment that I was on a swim team growing up and that freestyle is my favorite stroke to swim.

Nakita's blog was so fun to read! She has adorable illustrations all over her blog that added some unique traits to her page. She posted about an event that happens in her town called "Polyfest." From what I gathered, it is variations of community groups that come together on stage and perform a skit or dance that represents their culture. Her mom and aunt teach/coach her group that she is in. I commented that it would be fun to both be the audience and to be involved on stage.

can i just email you a link to my blog?

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